Tuesday, April 15, 2008


class was funny today..even more fun when we get to watch peoples scenes rise to their finished product! i cant wait until we see them all! im getting nervous for the end of the year and our final products just because basically it has to be great in order to receive a good grade and well thats enough pressure in its self at least to me! c u all thursday


I was late for class today, so maybe i missed some whizz bang? Class was good today, i got to sit there and watch everyone else perform and see how to make ours better. people are really progressing and its awesome
Today's class was great. I loved watching the two groups work their scenes out. It was amazing how much they got accomplished and how much their scenes improved by the time they were done. I really enjoyed them. Both scenes were very entertaining and fun to watch. I would have never thought at the begining of the semester that we would all be this good and this far along in our abilities!!!! Makes me sooo proud!!!!
I thought it was cool today in class to watch the progression of the quality of the skits that the two groups did. Keith and Brian's started out ok and pretty simple, but by the end of their time and with the new additions to it, it was awesome when they did it for a final time.

yeeeeaaaaa bbbooooyyyyyyyy

tonight is lip sync for greek week. It is going to be an amazing time. I have a pretty important part on stage. acting class has definately helped me with being on stage in fron of a whole bunch of people. I really dosent bother me anymore. Im actually quite proud of myself. I have not been on a stage in over 5 years since high school and now I have been in two huge events on campus for the greek community. I had forgotten how much fun it can be.

Final Skit

So I'm really excited about getting to go today. I've been waiting since the first day to go and improve on our skit. I guess I don't have that much to say either, It's hard to believe that we only have 3 weeks of school left and I'm looking forward to watching everybody's final projects.
I just tried to post my blog and it wouldn't let me. So now I have to type another one. Yeah all it my blog was was a list of my complaints about my CS 245 class from hell. It's terrible. I have to write my paper now. See you all tomorrow.

lymph nodes

my lymph nodes will not stop bothering me they're swollen one minute and then fine the next I'm starting to think it's stress related who knows. the final project for this class seemed easy at first but now that we have worked on it its harder than I thought. the progress we made last thursday (or lack there of) really made me realize how much of a team effort it is. for instance when one person forgets their lines it's up to the other person to keep the sinking ship afloat. I'm done peace out!
I really don't have that much to say either... Looking forward to seeing more sketches in the making tomorrow, and maybe even get to do our touch everything exercise or whatever you want to call it. Hope everyone had a good weekend and avoided the crappy weather we had on Saturday, and yep I got stuck outside in it. I already forget when the "tornado" stuff was. I was sittin in the house and realized that the sirens were going off in Ashland, and so I turned to the Cleveland station and got some weather reports... Yeah I was on the ball there. We decided to stay upstairs cause it was too far north to affect us. Thats my little story, hope you liked.

The End :-D