Monday, April 14, 2008

im looking forward to class tomorrow because im excited to see what new ideas people have for there skits and ways to improve on mine and ross's. There's only like 3 weeks of school left, so its starting to get to crunch time with getting everything done with the final.
I am really looking forward to class tomorrow. I feel like I've been gone forever and have missed out on so much. I hate being sick and getting behind in my classes. It is so inconvinent to get sick this close to finals. I am loving this nicer weather and I think thats making homework even harder lol. Plus I think all the professors have a conspiracy going on how to drive us all crazy with work lol jk.


I just came back from the International Club radio show that I co-host, and today I came to realize a major difference between U.S. and Bulgaria that I haven't really thought about. We had as a guest a guy from Sweden and he was talking about the "hi", "how's it going" phrases people here are used to say on the go. In Bulgaria, no body on the street will ask you "how are you" unless he/she knows you very well and will stop to talk to you for a little bit. If you are just acquaintances with someone, he/she will simply nod or smile politely and keep going. If you ask somebody "how are you" you usually expect a long explanation and you are usually supposed to ask with some concern or at least interest to hear the answer. Here, it is totally different. "How are you" is more like "hi", that one is neither interested nor cares about the answer.
So I dont really have a lot to talk about today. looking forward to class tomorrow. trying to work on the final, and hoping it will come along smoothly. the very fact of watching others do their finals, helps significantly. it allows one to be able to see how someone else is doing there's, and apply the good and the bad to their own.


Looking forward to class tomorrow....Greek week has started and its going well, we're having a lot of fun. Kind of a boring weekend.