Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It went well

I'm so glad that our scene went well on Tuesday because Amanada and I were so worried that it wouldn't go well at all. We were definitley relieved!

last class

i cant believe or last class is tomorrow and i especially cant believe that finals week is next week! ive really enjoyed this semester w/ everybody! i wish you all luck on all of ur finals and i cant wait for our final to see everybodys final scene!!!! see you tomorrow!

Last Class

Tomorrow is going to be the last acting class...time goes pretty fast. I haven't written my papers for the final yet, but I am working on them. I was just thinking that this year is almost over. There is one more week and that's it. I still don't know for sure what I am doing over the summer and I am really stressed about the five finals I'll have. It's not going to be easy but I'll be happy that very soon everything will be all over.
I think that as off topic as we got with the movies, it was actually a very interesting discussion. I would agree with Fabio in his analysis of man in that people will, more than not, gravitate to things that are not difficult. I am sure that there are times where I do that. I like the occasional Superbad, which truly is super bad. However, I do prefer the more difficult movies that make you think or at least force you to follow the story line. The last movie I saw was Day Zero. It was about the re-institution of the draft in 2012. It really is basically a snapshot of a period in several human beings' lives. It probably could be made into a one act or it at least has that same type of format. I would suggest to anyone to watch it.
Sorry I got so off topic Tuesday during the discussion. I really did enjoy talking about movies though. I'm really into movies, especially ones that aren't main stream. I love discussing and arguing movies too. I would love to go see more plays and other live productions, but being a poor college student doesn't really give you the budget for that kind of stuff. So I just stick with good old fashion dvds.

One Acts

In my opinion there are several important acting techniques that were displayed during the entirety of the One Act series. Since there was limited space on-stage compared to past performances at Ashland, I believe that the use of exiting and entering became extremely important. One major reason I believe that the entrances and exits were done extremely well, was because not only did they communicate to the audience where each actor had been, it also helped to "enlarge" the stage area. Through the entrances and exits it appeared that there was much more space than there actually was.
I really enjoyed attending the one acts last week. They were so funny it was refreshing. I appreciate that we take time in class to answer any lingering questions we have after we write our papers. The different topics we discuss and the viewpoints expressed from everyone in the class really help to expand my knowledge about theater in general.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

one acts

one acts were great. I really enjoyed them and I wish I would have tried to be in them this year. I saw a few people there and it was really cool. I also really enjoyed the size of the room that we were in. The room seemedso much more different than it does when we are in class.

One Acts

So I went to the One Act Plays this past tuesday evening and I really enjoyed myself. The humor and the quality of the acting was better than expected. My favorite was probably the first one the Ugly Duckling due to the quality of the acting and the humor that was displayed on each and every line. It's hard to believe that this is the last week of classes before finals and I have to say that I'm really going to miss this class. See ya guys in class today
Like everyone else, I really enjoyed the One Acts. It's too bad they don't do them in the fall too; I would definitely go to them if they did. Now that I have seen these I'm going to try to make it to next year's too. They really were quite funny and I thought pretty much everyone did a good job. Like Amanda, I also did not really like the smoking. I understand it fits with the characters and stuff, but I kind of got distracted by it. It pulled me away from the story a little bit because I was a little surprised they were doing it. Other than that though I really liked them.

Monday, April 28, 2008

So I enjoyed the one act plays i believe as I previously mentioned but then I started to write my paper and one thing really stuck out to me. I did not like the smoking and it kind of almost ruined it for me. I am very sensitive to that stuff and i can't stand being around it and I didn't like feeling trapped in a huge cloud of smoke. I thought it was kinda rude of those students to subject their audience to that kind of atmosphere. I didn't feel like it added anything to the play either. I felt like I would have enjoyed that act more without it. I was so concerned with trying to breathe that looking back, I don't even remember what that act was about when I can pretty much tell you in great detail about the other three. I wish that they would have been more sensitive to the audience before they made the decision to include the smoking.
I really enjoyed the one act plays. Springfest was great!!! I love how the whole campus gets involved in some part of the activities. Unfortunately I did not get to participate in too many of them, because of track and my many other obligations that have consumed my life lately!!!!
I went to the One Act plays this past friday and really enjoyed them. I was sure I would even make it in because they were sold out but some people didn't show up so I lucked up. I appreciated the lighter mood of the plays a lot.

One-Act Play

I went to the One-Act Play on Tuesday and I thought it was quite different from what I have seen before and definitely different from Dead Man Walking. For me, it didn't feel like a formal performance probably because the audience was sitting very close to the actors and there was not any identified stage; the actors were using both the tiny elevated stage and the room floor for their stage. It felt more like class rather than actual performance. Although I didn't laugh very much and apparently it was supposed to be funny, I liked it. I think it was interesting.
The entering and exiting of a place has been really difficult. It is imperative for us to learn for our finals, but atleast for myself, its difficult. I think that if I had had a better idea for it, it would have been better. I felt like I needed to do something, but there really wasnt anything to do because I had just finished my exam.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Next Year's Shows

Hi guys,

In response to John's post I would like to encourage him (you would be perfect for The Crucible) and all of you to audition next year for a play. I encouraged a fella last semester, he followed through, got into Dead Man Walking and had a great time. The first show of the season is The Crucible. If you know it, it has a large cast, which improves anyone's chances of getting in. The auditions will probably be the first week of September. Look out for it and come out.

Hope everyone had a good springfest weekend, and if you went home.... for shame. Anyways, The entering and exiting was hard for me, I really couldn't figure out what to do to show what I was coming from just prior to entering the room. I hope this week is interesting in class, I am really busy with classes and getting all my stuff done before finals so I can graduate and leave you all. haha, well see everyone on Tuesday.

Friday, April 25, 2008

i agree with ross entering and exiting was alot harder than it seemed and i also enjoyed chris's running away from godzilla. cant wait to see what we're going to do this week.


Entering and Exiting a door isnt as easy as i thought it was going to be....but chris running away from Godzilla was amazing, i thougth godzilla was right outside the door and wanted to eat chris....see ya tuesday

Final Acting Project

During the last acting class, there seemed to be a great deal of improvement in terms of the emotion displayed on stage. I believe throughout each week of practice, the is a more genuine and authentic quality to the acting displayed. While there is much more to do for me personally, concerning the final project, there seems to be a vast improvement in the acting abilities of the class overall.

one act festival

i reall enjoyed the one act festival...much more than i enjoyed the dead man walking play. i think what made them more enjoyable for me was the humor. it kept me interested bc if you didnt pay attention to the lines you'd completely miss a joke which i did miss a couple of them, but the ones i got were hilarious! well one more week of classes! see you all next week!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

what up

one acts are gonna be great. I wish I ould have tried to be in them. I have a few friends who are. sometimes I wish I would have tried to do more with acting in highschool and in college becuase it is really fun.


These exercises were really neat and it was kind of amazing that in all honesty, we act different depending on our location. We all did a great job with this as well and made our locations clear for the rest of the class. I'm looking forward to class today and hoping that Keith and I will get to do our scene again


While in class on Tuesday, I was able to realize that there were several different aspects of acting that ultimately required a certain level of self reflection in order to create a successful acting display for the audience. One major difficulty I had, was my ability to use proper tone when reading my lines. I believe that tomorrow I will be able to create a better and more believable atmosphere on stage, that will hopeful help me to draw the audience into my performance through by the correct use of speech and gestures.
I'm really looking forward to seeing the rest of the skits go for the third time tomorrow in class. The first few have really came a long way, and I am really learning a lot just watching everyone else go and listening to the suggestions given, etc... This class, honestly, never gets boring.

One Act Festival

The one act festival tonight was kinda cool. I really enjoyed the second performance, which was "am I blue." I really liked the plot of it and I could see the relationship of the two actors develop from strong dislike to a care for each other.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Entering and exiting. You may say it sounds pretty simple and unimportant, but it is amazing how much you can learn and understand about a scene just by how someone enters or leaves the room. The exercise that we performed on tuesday really helped me realize this and I think it will help out when it comes time for us to perform our final scenes.

one act festival

I went to see the one act festival tonight. I thought the first one was really screwed up. I liked the second one though, it was kind of funny. I did not like the third one too much. I think i found it boring because it was not a funny act. The fourth one was my favorite. I think Thea is a really good actress and she is what pulled it together.

One Acts

So I just got back from the one acts. I went in thinking it was going to be one play, one act. So I really wasn't looking forward to it. But after seeing the plays, I really enjoyed the experience, all the plays were so funny, I kinda wish I could have gone to the other night as well. Just so I could compare with what I saw tonight.


I liked the exit/entrance exercise although I didn't get to do it. I think I am the last one left for that. It was interesting how every entrance, for instance, is different depending on the place being entered. It was quite easy for one to guess where people were supposedly going by just paying attention to the details.
So looking forward to class tomorrow and one acts on thursday. i am hoping they are going to be sweet. I really hope that my immobility with my arm doesnt affect my acting in a negative way, since i will be immobilised for the next six weeks

Warm Weather

So I can tell that everyone is enjoying this warm weather except for me:( All of a sudden I got really sick and had to miss a day of class and I was doing so well with making it to every class and on time. Anyway I hope it went well. I'll be there tomorrow.
So I went to the one act festival last night and I would have to say that Ithought it was pretty amazing. Because of my unhappy experience with Dead Man Walking, I did go into the show dreading it, but I left laughing like mad. I hope the ones on Wed and Fri are just as good as yesterdays and if you didn't think they were good tonight i would suggest trying it again thursday. The husband and wife act was crazy funny. i loved it. see you all tomorrow

class yesterday

Its a good thing Fabio helped us on our scene yesterday our it would have turned out to be a disastor! I cant even look at Ted in the eye scares me to much! haha see everyone thursday

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Class today

Class was pretty sweet today. I really got a kick out of Szpila acting drunk and trying to get in the door. I think i can appreciate this a little more than other people though because i have actually seen what this looks like. I am looking forward to going through our final scene again on Thursday and refining it a little more. I think the criticism we receive really makes a difference.


so is anyone else fighting the super cold from hell? I have not been able to get over my cold for like 2 weeks now. my throat is killing me and it hurts to talk sometimes. I hope this does not effect my speaking and I hope can get better. one acts are going to be fun this week. I have a few friends in it which will be cool to watch.

one act festival

Szpila and i are going to see the one act festival tomorrow night and i am kind of intriqued. I have no idea what to expect or what any of the acts are about. I have heard good things coming from peeps in the theatre separtment though. So here's hoping.
Hey there. I'm really excited for class this week. I'm not quite sure why, but I am. I hope we do something other than the lines the whole time, but I can tell his advice is helping us all a lot. I think the day of finals these will all be pretty good.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather!!
oh it feels good in here...

Monday, April 21, 2008

I have decided that my roommates are really good actresses. Every time my boyfriend and I order a pizza, they hang around seeming entirely innocent. Then I come to find out that they've eaten their "fair share" of the slices. They know how much it annoys me (not really that much, but it's fun to exaggerate) and get more and more creative at how they will pull off the stunt no matter how protective of the pizza we try to be. they get the biggest kick out of themselves and their abilities. I guess they are kinda funny...


has anyone seen this movie about playing blackjack? I just recently watched this movie and thought it was done quite well and I really enjoyed it. I won't ruin it for anyone, but just wanted to say that the actors did an excellent job portraying their characters. I myself do not understand blackjack that well, but the movie does a great job of explaining this concept as well. Looking forward to class tomorrow and seeing some more of the final scenes improved.
So this week has really hit me that it is almost the end of the semester and I am really nervous about the final scene. I have 8 million other things going on and trying to do this and everything else is very taxing not only mentally but physically. I've been sick now for what feels like forever but pretty much since the middle of March and because of all my stress and lack of time to relax, it is holding on for dear life. I know this may not sound the best but I'm ready to be done with it all. At first I was a bit apprehensive about being done with this class but now I'm just ready to hit summer and take a break and get better. I admit I have learned a lot about my own abilities but also just not censoring myself as much and letting things just naturally happen. I don't think so much about things and just try to go with the flow rather than map out everything I plan to do. I think this has transcended into my life outside of class. I have begun to care less and less about how things I do are percieved and care more about just doing things that I want to do. It's amazing to me how learning how to act in class has made me not act so much in my real life. Okay I am going to get some more work done now and up again in the morning for lab.

Also note I haven't been late to class in a hot minute. GO ME

Character Bio

Reading the posts commenting on the Thursday class makes me sad that I missed it. It seems like it was interesting. Right now, I am working on my character bio and I have quite a lot of ideas. I changed the scenario three times already and I am really hesitant about what sounds the best. I want it to be creative and yet I would like to keep it real as well. There are so many various backgrounds that I could use for my character and I don't really know which one would be the best. In addition, I am not completely positive how many and what kind of details to include.

Final Scenes

I think the final scenes are coming together really well. I'm surprised to see the intensity in many of our scenes even when there funny, we still give our own and I see the growth that has happen since the beginning of our course. I really have appreciated the different elements that we've learned.

Searching for Space

One major thing that I believe would improve the overall creation of acting on a personal level concerns the use of space. Although I believe that it is easy to do things such as memorize lines, comparably there is a level of difficulty in creating a connection with the different objects on stage. I believe this will ultimately draw the viewers into the performance. If this approach is taken concerning the movement on stage I believe that this will complement the script and in turn provide a more believable production.
I am very glad that everyone enjoys watching the creeper. I will admit, I do enjoy playing one. It is hard though to keep the laser beam on Molly and keep to my lines. I guess its just a matter of practicing and perfecting it.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Class was interesting on Thursday to say the least... I loved the fact that Kevin walks back out of the window that he crept into the scene through. Hilarious! And the fact that we're all creepers, oh well, I think it makes the scenes that much funnier. Seeing a guy crawling through a window isn't somethin' you see everyday. And as far as someone stalking someone else in real life, not so funny, but I think its just really funny that the positions we put each other into in the class. And I enjoyed the steroids controversy in ski-ball on tuesday as well...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Its amazing how fast the semester is going and how we are almost done with class. It will be a grind to get this final done as well as the other paper coming up. But Im going to enjoy the last 2 weeks of class and try to get the final squared away.

Friday, April 18, 2008

I really enjoyed working on our scene in class yesterday. It really helped me realize that the majority of our work needed to be on our emotions and facial expressions. having others input really seemed to help and also having the stage and props to work with made a difference too. I just appreciate everyones attitude and input when we were working.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Today in class i thougth was good learning, Fabio does a good job helping people with their scenes. Ted had to leave so we couldnt do ours today! We will be ready to go on tuesday! see everyone then...


I thought going through our final scene was really fun on Tuesday. Being given direction and criticism made the scene come together a lot better than i think it would have without it. All hail Fabio!

greek week

greek week champs again. lip sync was amazing. I had such a good time on stage. it was such a fun experience to have the crowd cheering for all of us. everyone was going nuts it was amazing. now I am pretty sick and lost my voice. I hate it
So this will be a quick blog because I had to kick a poor guy off the computer in order to type this and I feel bad that we can't do our group project because I'm so selfish I have to use the computer for my own personal gain. Okay so I don't have anything to say. I think our class is really good at playing creepers, for example especially, Kevin, Zach, and now Molly. We may not be able to be serious at all times but at least we can be creepy. Okay I'm done now. Oh yeah Delon, we need to get together ASAP and practice our jailhouse rock scene. I'll see you all in a hot minute.

Tuesday's Class

I'm glad that I finally got to go yesterday and it was a blast. I'm hoping to get even more ideas to make it even better, but I think I've finally figured out what Fabio's been explaining to us all semester. The substance exercise helped a lot with this: focus. I was trying to really focus on the fact that I was a coke head and not trying to remember what I was going to say or do. I had a lot of trouble with this concept in the beginning of the semester and would constantly try to think of my actions before I would do the scene. I'm looking forward to seeing the scenes the third time around.
I think its funny the way that my characters always end up being weird in some way... its nothing like me at all, maybe thats why i choose to do the things that i do in class, just to be different. But I really enjoyed doing the touch all exercise and getting to do our final in front of him too. Now its just putting it all together and finishing work for all my other classes, and I'm outta here! woohoo

-The end

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tuesday's Class

The groups that went Tuesday were really good. I'm really excited to see everyone's final scene, once we really perfect them and show them to our classmates I think there will be a lot of speechless people.
I really had fun with Ryan doing our scene where we had to touch every object on the set. I think it's a good activity to do so near to the final, because it's somewhat like an even more mini skit. It gave me some confidence and excitement. I'm thrilled to see everyone's final skit on the last day of class.
I love the fact that I no longer freeze in class. Hopefully the weather stays like this...

But, I just wanted to say I think everyone is doing awesome on their lines. Everyone is so creative and funny; it makes the class something I can look forward to all of the time. Keep working on your lines and I can't wait to watch more!!
i really enjoyed the two finals that we saw on tuesday. it was weird because after they did it a couple times, you could almost see them get it and understand it better right before our eyes. hopefully my progress will be just as great

pressure off

Hi guys,

FYI - your final performances don't necessarily have to be, "great." I am looking for obvious work, thought and improvement. Don't put unnecessary pressure on yourselves. It will only get in your way and in the end your work will not be as good as it could have been if you were more relaxed.

Complete everything I asked you to do, work steadily and with focus and you will all do fine.

You can do it.


Acting Class

Although during the class demonstrations today there were several good examples of acting concerning the use of space as well as other acting techniques, this overall motif of acting helped to reinforce my current understanding of the final project which will be a culmination of all the class exercises that have been performed during the semester. This will be a testament to the principles of acting, which I believe will ultimately help me in the future. Though there are several things that I believe are important concerning the nature of acting, one of the most important characteristics of acting, is making a connection with the audience. While I believe that there are many different approaches that can be taken to create a successful scene, the ultimate goal of acting is arguably to “bring” the audience into the presentation.

In the future I will try to use the space better in order to properly create an acting scene that is not only conducive to the principles of acting that I have learned throughout class, but also relate to the audience. I believe that this combination of things is ultimately the result of good acting.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


class was funny today..even more fun when we get to watch peoples scenes rise to their finished product! i cant wait until we see them all! im getting nervous for the end of the year and our final products just because basically it has to be great in order to receive a good grade and well thats enough pressure in its self at least to me! c u all thursday


I was late for class today, so maybe i missed some whizz bang? Class was good today, i got to sit there and watch everyone else perform and see how to make ours better. people are really progressing and its awesome
Today's class was great. I loved watching the two groups work their scenes out. It was amazing how much they got accomplished and how much their scenes improved by the time they were done. I really enjoyed them. Both scenes were very entertaining and fun to watch. I would have never thought at the begining of the semester that we would all be this good and this far along in our abilities!!!! Makes me sooo proud!!!!
I thought it was cool today in class to watch the progression of the quality of the skits that the two groups did. Keith and Brian's started out ok and pretty simple, but by the end of their time and with the new additions to it, it was awesome when they did it for a final time.

yeeeeaaaaa bbbooooyyyyyyyy

tonight is lip sync for greek week. It is going to be an amazing time. I have a pretty important part on stage. acting class has definately helped me with being on stage in fron of a whole bunch of people. I really dosent bother me anymore. Im actually quite proud of myself. I have not been on a stage in over 5 years since high school and now I have been in two huge events on campus for the greek community. I had forgotten how much fun it can be.

Final Skit

So I'm really excited about getting to go today. I've been waiting since the first day to go and improve on our skit. I guess I don't have that much to say either, It's hard to believe that we only have 3 weeks of school left and I'm looking forward to watching everybody's final projects.
I just tried to post my blog and it wouldn't let me. So now I have to type another one. Yeah all it my blog was was a list of my complaints about my CS 245 class from hell. It's terrible. I have to write my paper now. See you all tomorrow.

lymph nodes

my lymph nodes will not stop bothering me they're swollen one minute and then fine the next I'm starting to think it's stress related who knows. the final project for this class seemed easy at first but now that we have worked on it its harder than I thought. the progress we made last thursday (or lack there of) really made me realize how much of a team effort it is. for instance when one person forgets their lines it's up to the other person to keep the sinking ship afloat. I'm done peace out!
I really don't have that much to say either... Looking forward to seeing more sketches in the making tomorrow, and maybe even get to do our touch everything exercise or whatever you want to call it. Hope everyone had a good weekend and avoided the crappy weather we had on Saturday, and yep I got stuck outside in it. I already forget when the "tornado" stuff was. I was sittin in the house and realized that the sirens were going off in Ashland, and so I turned to the Cleveland station and got some weather reports... Yeah I was on the ball there. We decided to stay upstairs cause it was too far north to affect us. Thats my little story, hope you liked.

The End :-D

Monday, April 14, 2008

im looking forward to class tomorrow because im excited to see what new ideas people have for there skits and ways to improve on mine and ross's. There's only like 3 weeks of school left, so its starting to get to crunch time with getting everything done with the final.
I am really looking forward to class tomorrow. I feel like I've been gone forever and have missed out on so much. I hate being sick and getting behind in my classes. It is so inconvinent to get sick this close to finals. I am loving this nicer weather and I think thats making homework even harder lol. Plus I think all the professors have a conspiracy going on how to drive us all crazy with work lol jk.


I just came back from the International Club radio show that I co-host, and today I came to realize a major difference between U.S. and Bulgaria that I haven't really thought about. We had as a guest a guy from Sweden and he was talking about the "hi", "how's it going" phrases people here are used to say on the go. In Bulgaria, no body on the street will ask you "how are you" unless he/she knows you very well and will stop to talk to you for a little bit. If you are just acquaintances with someone, he/she will simply nod or smile politely and keep going. If you ask somebody "how are you" you usually expect a long explanation and you are usually supposed to ask with some concern or at least interest to hear the answer. Here, it is totally different. "How are you" is more like "hi", that one is neither interested nor cares about the answer.
So I dont really have a lot to talk about today. looking forward to class tomorrow. trying to work on the final, and hoping it will come along smoothly. the very fact of watching others do their finals, helps significantly. it allows one to be able to see how someone else is doing there's, and apply the good and the bad to their own.


Looking forward to class tomorrow....Greek week has started and its going well, we're having a lot of fun. Kind of a boring weekend.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


So i was bummed to miss three days of acting class with everyone, but i can;t say i was to bummed because i got to lay on the beach in Mexico. One thing i found to be very interesting about the Mexican workers on the resort was that they did not care if you looked like an completely obvious American tourist or not, they spoke Spanish to you first before any English. I appreciated this, not only because I was able to practice my Spanish, but because it showed that they expected the guests to conform to their culture before they conformed to ours. I thought this was a very strong and subtle stand for them to make. Yes the beach was amazing and the water was beautiful. There were topless women hanging out to which is always a bonus! :)

Acting Scenes

In class last Thursday there were several different acting scenes which made the class worthwhile. Although I am certain that I have much more to do concerning the notion of acting while remembering lines, I am certain that the final project will be a success. While there are a few more things that must be done in terms of redefining the floor plan as well as creating a more convincing display of the lines that were given, I believe that for the most part our group is on track.

In conclusion I look forward to the next chance to improve my acting abilities through class participation as well as constructive criticism. I believe that this is the best way to create successful acting as well as building camaraderie among fellow peers.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

thursdays class

class was fun thursday. its awesome seeing everybodys scenes progressing as well as watching everybodys scene where we have to touch everything in the scene!!! i cant believe this semester is almost over with already! its gone by so fast! i look forward to everybodys finished product! i hope u all are having a fun, safe weekend now that there are no more tornado warnings!!! lol see you all on tuesday!!

Lines and not knowing

It seems that some of you have noticed that having lines is harder than not having lines. That is why we end with them rather than beginning with them. It is a more difficult skill.

Also, the reason I don't always give you all of the information before you attempt something is that:

1. I want you to figure it out for yourself (problem solving), because then you have better chance of really learning.
2. Sometimes you learn more from your mistakes than your success.
3. When you succeed you have ownership of your success.


Friday, April 11, 2008

Kearns and Luabender Fantastic

I just wanted to take a sec to comment on what Kevin and Carrie wrote circa March 26. I love it when people have mini-epiphanies, no matter how small, because that means they are thinking.

Regarding Carrie, what can you say, she is just plain right. Kevin unknowingly reminded me of one of my mini-epiphanies. It was when I realized that all disciplines are tied together in some way. For instance, you can take a principle from, let's say, chemistry and apply it it to theatre.

Example: A chemical reaction happens when you put two or more things together under a given circumstance (like heat). An emotional reaction (which biologists might argue is also a chemical reaction) happens when you put two or more things together under a given circumstance (like heat). They might both blow up! The same way I just blew your mind!


Thursday, April 10, 2008

so i'm gonna keep this short and sweet since i still haven't left my house to come to school. i'm crazy worried about our final skit because delon and i still really have no clue. i believe we decided on being in jail and i'm the repeat offender and delon is the officer. other than that its all sorts of up in the air. not to mention i feel terrible and hoped that i would be able stay in bed today but realized that i can't without it adversely affecting my grade so here i am doped up on meds just hoping i live to make it another day. I'll see you all in class in a hot minute

Tuesday's Class

How funny was it to see John acting high:) I love the creativity that flows when were in class it gives everyone the opportunity to be someone other than themselves and thats always fun:)


I just wanted to say im sad to see this class come to an end. I know we still have a lot of time left but not really. This class has been very fun to me and I think to everyone else as well. I might not be a great actor but I think this class has helped me with my everyday life. I think I have more confidence to get up and speak in front of large groups. I think that showed with my appearence at Mr. University. I sang and spoke in front of about 400 people and it didnt really phase me. I think this is because of the confidence that was built by our class work


So I really enjoy these scenes we've been doing with the chalkboard. People are hilarious and everyone has been ad-libbing such funny lines. We do sound so much better when we don't try too hard to think about out our next action. It's much more natural and makes it funnier.

Being in the Momen

I've learned through the semester that this concept of being in the moment is so critical and allows actors characters to come to life and be believable. If an actor, or us for that matter tries to think about what we're going to say or do, it becomes evident and fake to the audience. However, If they are truly portraying a character, the audience believes them to be that character. Because they're reactions reflect those of the character and not of the actor.

Stay Cool Fool

i am finding it really hard to turn this nothing script into a believable performance. despite this fact the progress that John and Chris made on their scene was awesome. with that said hopefully tomorrow fab fabio will help us out knowing me and amanda we will probably end up dancing around the place who knows
in an unrelated topic my computer was stolen last week and it sucks. I'm basically using this blog as a vehicle to vent my frustration but I'm trying to stay cool fool which has become my motto these days. so keep an eye out for a broke down dell computer that shouldn't have been stolen anyway seeing as it's not worth anything any more. theives are assclowns
Sorry I couldn't be there the other day everybody, and miss out on all the joy that this class gives me... I've been really sick the past couple days and couldn't even drag myself out of bed until late. But I will be there tomorrow, have no fear. That is if anyone was having fear in the first place for me. :-D Alright peace

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Objects Exercise

I think that the exercise when we had to touch all the possible objects present in the scene was pretty interesting. It is somewhat spontaneous as far as words are concerned. The most interesting part is that no one so far has taken too much time to think what to say. They just say it without considering the consequences or the audience's reaction. Although without any specific preparation in regards to what to say, it seems that it always makes sense to some extent. The only somwhat "artificial" thing to me was touching all the objects as soon as possible. It is hard, though, because usually one does not always go around the room or whatever environment he/she is in and touch possibly everything. I am excited to see what the remaining groups have planned.
in last class, the skit i did with ross was very entertaining to do. i actually would have liked to pursuit the scene further. i felt as though there were more things i could have said or done that could have only added to the entertainment of the skit. i hope everyone found it as entertaining as it was for me to do it

Final Project

While in class on Tuesday I was unable to completely get "into character," I believe that for the final project my partner and I will be ready for the scene. While I was able to visualize the differences between the acting that takes place "in the moment," and the acting that was done earlier in the year, I would say that there is a significant disparity between the two stages. In my opinion from just a basic understanding of acting principles it is possible to convey a successful approach to acting.

In conclusion I believe that the acting being created through "spontaneity" derived from in class exercises is unparalleled going along with the idea of reason vs. instinct. If on the one hand there is little though being displayed in the process of acting it is impossible to be completely successful. On the other hand if too much thought is displayed, in my opinion, successful acting is also unachievable. Through my perception this is a delicate balancing act that must ultimately be given a sense of compromise concerning the overall motif of acting.
In my psych class, we were discussing whether or not we (the students in my class and I) are adults. The majority of the students said that they were not, while only a few considered themselves in adulthood. Then we went on to debate whether the age group people perceive themselves as being a part of is reflected in their behaviors and the way that they act. For example, if you consider yourself and adult, would you try to be more mature than just shrugging it off and being like "eh, I'm still a teenager..." Acting in such a way might be stereotypical, but nonetheless it is the way that society defines these ages. I suppose that is the reason that we tend to over exaggerate certain behaviors when we are acting like a certain age group, whether or not we really would behave that way in real life.
I agree with ross on that it was interesting to see how others would act out the same scripts but with different actions to accompany them...I also believe the highlight of class was when ross owned that helpless stole when he told kevin that he was his son haha

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


class was somewhat boring today but its cool to see how someone with the same lines can make a whole skit completely different. Our inside skit with Kevin and I, was funny. Finding out that my employee is now my son and he dates my daughter WHAT!! haha that was fun. see everyone thursday


cant wait to do my scene and see where it takes our ideas. Chris and I have a few ideas of what we are going to do we know who we are, where we are and so on. I have an idea our scene will change like ross and teds did. that is very fun to me, no knowing what is going to happen and just going with it. im excited!!!!!!!

Final Acting Project

It was great watching both Ted and Ross and John and Iva with their final projects and the improvements that have occurred. I didn't think that any of the four tried to force a trait or idea, but were just acting "in the moment" They reacted to each other when something occurred and weren't trying to think about what to say or do. I can't wait to practice my scenes more and get feedback from the rest of class and Fabio to make the scene even better
I hate having to drive such long distances, I say this because I had to drive down to Columbus again for a job interview tonight. The only thing that made the drive bearable was that it was so nice i could drive basically the whole way down and back with my windows down. Other than that, it seems like everytime I make that drive it seems to get longer and longer too... I wonder why that is? Well, hope everyone had a great weekend and that we're enjoying this weather, I heard it wouldn't last until the weekend, it would be cold again. :-(


I am so excited that spring is finally coming. I absolutely love spring on campus. Everyone is outside and enjoying the weather. The flowers are in full bloom and are absolutely beautiful. The only way I make it through the winter without going crazy is knowing that spring on campus is always so beautiful and amazing!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

So today definitely was beautiful, like everyone else said and that makes me happy. And it's not just because it's beautiful outside, but because I won't freeze in class now. Every day I go in there I freeze. And it doesn't matter if I have my coat on or not, I still shiver. But tomorrow will be a good day because now I won't. Plus, I can enjoy the class even more.
So okay today was a beautiful day. Now that i've got that out in the open (just incase you all didn't notice) I'm now wondering how in the world am I going to get everything done. I think I'm probably stressing more than I should but I guess that is how I am. Not only that but the damn shift key on my computer isn't working right now so I am having to work exta hard to make capital letters. Okay so I'm excited for class tomorrow, it's nice to know that it is noticable that we are all improving. It's hard to believe we made it this far just from starting in January. Truly it's amazing. So since I've got my blog up before Delon this next part is for him. Hey Delon when are we gonna finish figuring out our plan for our scene? haha lets just get this thing done.

See you all tomorrow!

Almost Summer

It was really nice today. I just enjoyed walking to classes, and I took extra time to do so. Everybody was wearing t-shirts and shorts and that reminded me of the summer. I usually spend the summer at home, but this coming one I might be staying here. It just does not really make that much of a difference any more. When I first came to U.S., every plane I saw in the sky reminded me of going back home, and I couldn't wait to see my family and friends. Now, it is totally different. When I went home last summer, I even got bored and wanted to come back here. I think it's just interesting how when one gets used to the environment, it changes him/her completely.

Thursday's Class

it was interesting to see the difference between reading our lines cold turkey and then actually developing a storyline to go with it. The guys had a purpose after we went through all the possible scenarios that they could be experiencing when delivering their scenes. I can't wait to see everyone else do theirs:)
I love the weather today! It FINALLY feels like spring. I even got an ice cream cone at convo and ate it outside. The sunshine is a stress reliever, and it really has put me in a great mood. I am looking forward to practicing my skit tomorrow- I think my partner and I have finally got it figured out better, and it will be nice to have the classes input.
I agree with Chris in that, there is such a difference between just standing up without having any idea of what to do, and actually having lines and having a somewhat plan. The response acting sometimes is easier to do because you are merely responding, and really have no idea what is going to happen. I know when I have to memorize lines, I kinda seize up and have trouble because I am so concentrated on remembering the lines.

Practice Makes Perfect

While in class Thursday there were many things that were appealing about the "tentative" acting that was displayed by the class. Although it is difficult to get in the mind frame to act without any prior notice of what will be required; I believe that in some cases the acting was a better quality compared to scripted. In my opinion this is because the idea of being able to create a spontaneous reaction to a scenario requires the actor to display a genuine, and "free" style of acting. I believe this class was not only refreshing but extremely educational. While on the one hand the class as a whole was able to not only enjoy the humor of the acting, but also learn a few new techniques concerning the use of space as well as objects; leads me to believe that everything was "in alignment." In my opinion the ability to create a connection between the props on stage is one very important quality that an actor should possess.

Friday, April 4, 2008

thursdays class

class thursday was fun it was interesting seeing that one group go up and down and up and down but its good for them bc they got to see sort of what our teacher is looking for. also that touching everything in the set activity was funny cant wait to see everybody else go! have a good fun and safe weekend i will see u all tuesday! :)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

todays class was alot of fun. I enjoyed acting out our scene with ross and the different actions...I guess i was having to much tho, since fabio had to deny me during the last exercise from going first haha

class today

Class was fun today, It seems like actions can just appear without even trying. You can make a scene without ever even talking about it with a parter. John and Eva did a real good job today, it would seem that they had scripts, though they didnt. Good job


I think last class showed us the importance of knowing your character and having a background for them. Also I think it is important to have a setting and some sort of confilct figured out. This is what really makes a scene worth watching. It is what gives a scene substance.

Today's Class

I'm so nervous to see what we do with our floor designs today because I think ours is a it outlandish and we just might be embarrassed when he asks us to act out our design. On another note I think my partner and I did a great job of remembering our script for class:)
So I don't really like it when we are asked to do something and I don't know why we are doing it. Sometimes I wish that we could just find out what we are doing while we are doing it not after the fact. As much as I would love to write more it's getting close to that time that I need to leave my house to make it to class on time so I'm gonna jet and get going. See you all in a few.
I am really interested to see what we're doing with the floor designs as well. Our idea is hilarious and I really hope we get to expand on it. As for the final, I'm much more confident about my lines after going through it in class... however I know there is much more work that needs to be done in order to get it to the best it can be.


I am very excited for our final. I am interested to see how everyone is going to do. It was pretty cool to see how people who had the same lines spoke in a completely different manner than on another. I bet things will change around a lot when its time to do the final. I cant wait for whiz bang
5 weeks until the end of the semester and i have a lot of work to do before that 5 weeks is up. lately I have been so frustrated and it's been weighing my mind down. This type of stress always affects my mood and i've been in a shitty mood lately the acting class actually helps me get some of that stress off of my chest and im glad i can get something interesting and awesome out of a day that would normally be mundane and unawesome

there is absolutely nothing on TV at 2:17 AM

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

So I'm pretty excited to see what we do with these "set designs" we did the other day. It should be interesting to see what he makes us do, but I also really want to see what everyone else came up with. We all have such different senses of humor and they are all hilarious. Tomorrow should be interesting.
So last class I had a little trouble with the lines. Even though I had studied them, because i wasnt able to study with Molly, it really threw me off. I think that it probably would also help if we had established a relationship. It appeared as though the people that had established relationships did better with the lines than those who had not.

Final Assignment

I was thinking about the final assignment and the different relationships and situations possible for a dialogue like this. There seems to be a lot of possibilities and yet and it is somewhat limited. I enjoyed listening to the different groups recite. I liked how the different groups made the same words sound in a different way. I had to recite memorized dialogues before, and not surprisingly I always seem to forget some of the words although I have practiced. The combination of words and acting might be harder than I expected.

Final Project

Although I am sure that in the future there will be a good deal of work to do concerning the final project, there is a good possibility that I will be able to create a better understanding of my character's role in the over aching theme of acting, and work toward a deeper level of commitment to things such as the storyline and back round information.

Another important component of acting, in my opinion is focusing on the objects that will be created during this final project in an effort to ultimately help the audience to gain a better understanding of the scene in which the acting will be done.

In conclusion I feel that through more perseverance in my acting abilities I will be able to quell any concerns dealing with, in my opinion, some of the major components of acting such as storyline, back round, and an accurate portrayal of the scene in which the acting will be created.
it was fun seeing everybodys group go, im excited for this assignment i cant wait to see everybodys end project. i hope everybodys having a good week and i will see u all in class on thursday dont forget your drawings of the stage!!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I enjoyed watching the other groups with the same scripts as us act out there scenes. It was interesting to see what kind of a different spin that they would put on the scene than my group did. Also the ideas that were brainstormed in class about possible relationships in groups was fun to.
So I'm really not totally confident in my memorization of my lines... albeit they are very simple, i just have a terrible memory and now I'm like, "damn what was i supposed to say?" but i have confidence that i'll have it ready when its my time to go. See you all in class.
I've done it this time I didnt memorize my script for today so this should be interesting i think me and amanda can work through it. right now im caught up in this show about a doggy who won't stop eating his poo (Animal Planet rocks) I can't wait til class it should be sweet I'm also a little sick (again) just warning

script from high school

I found a script from a production i took part in. It was my senior year of high school. I auditioned with out any specific role in mind and was given the role of the jock. This was kind of a fun role because i was not an asshole jock like that in real life so i got to pretend for a couple nights. There was a funny guy role that i think would have been more fun, but thats ok it was fun regardless.

The substance

We finally figured out the purpose of the substance and like I mentioned last time our improvement is evident. We're all more focused and attentive than earlier in the semester. Nobody is trying to "show" something but rather trying to focus and make their actions real. I'm looking forward to these last couple of weeks of class and wiz bang of course. That was pretty awesome last week when we got Fabio out.

free movie night

I went to free movie night this past weekend, it was pretty good. The movie that was shown was called Atonement. All of the actors were very good and I foun myself getting lost in the story. The way it was set up was unlike other movies. There were some very interesting cuts in the way it was shot. I think other people should go watch this movie.
I was in Florida all of last week and one of the biggest differences I noted in people was the way they talk. Obviously, people in the south drawl their words out very long and slur many of them together into conjunctions that people from the north don't use. We became kind of friends with the people in the house next to us who were from Georgia, and they tried to talk with my accent and had a very hard time doing so, while it was much easier for my family to talk like them. Is it difficult for people from the south to play a role in which they are from another area of the country or world? At least these couple people definitely could not pull it off...