Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Final Project

While in class on Tuesday I was unable to completely get "into character," I believe that for the final project my partner and I will be ready for the scene. While I was able to visualize the differences between the acting that takes place "in the moment," and the acting that was done earlier in the year, I would say that there is a significant disparity between the two stages. In my opinion from just a basic understanding of acting principles it is possible to convey a successful approach to acting.

In conclusion I believe that the acting being created through "spontaneity" derived from in class exercises is unparalleled going along with the idea of reason vs. instinct. If on the one hand there is little though being displayed in the process of acting it is impossible to be completely successful. On the other hand if too much thought is displayed, in my opinion, successful acting is also unachievable. Through my perception this is a delicate balancing act that must ultimately be given a sense of compromise concerning the overall motif of acting.

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