Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I was in the Rec Center working out on Tuesday and there were a few other people in there as well. I had a sleevless shirt on and my tattoos were visable. A guy that i had been talking to about the Bruce Lee movie that was on television came up and asked about them. It was funny to see how awkward he felt asking me about it. He almost acted embarrased to be commenting on my tattoos. He started with "I hope this isn't weird..." which immediatly made it, and then continued to ask how much i had paid for them. This is not a odd question in the tattoo world i guess, since everyone likes to find the best deal and all, but his approach made me think of the way i felt awkward being in front of the others in class. I can really tell how much more comfortable i have become acting a fool in front of people i don't know.

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