Thursday, February 28, 2008


So, I just got done playing a basketball game (actually a couple of hours ago) with Molly in which we lost. I've thought about this before since I've played ball my whole life, but I think it's interesting to see how a person's attitude changes when they're in a different role. Sports require a lot out of you and a completely different mindset. Off the floor I'm generally pretty nice. I joke around and can be serious sometimes, but I'm completely different on the court. I get serious and want to hurt people. I know that probably sounds psycho, but it's true. In junior high I was thrown out of a game for hitting a girl and I broke another girl's arm (technically not entirely my fault, she ran into me when I was setting an amazing pic). But, I've been hurt too. I dislocated my jaw and hit it back in during the game just so I could keep playing. Your personality changes and you become a person you're not in your normal life. In high school I learned how to hide my cheap hits and "punish" people without the refs seeing. I did that tonight too, but they were (I would like to put a bad word here but I won't) and annoying. I just can't imagine being a viewer who really doesn't know anything about sports watching people behave this way. Someone trying to act this out who was never involved in sports would be even more difficult, I think.

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