Monday, February 18, 2008

So this weekend some of my friends from Columbus came up to visit and go to the Big Band Dance sponsored by my old high school. I played in the bands that played this event for 4 years so it was so weird for me to go back and watch these kids play the same songs I played up there just two years ago. This brought back alot of crazy memories from the crazy long rehersals leading up to the event, to the fun I had playing. But it also reminded me why I'm glad I no longer was in the band, the pain associated with playing this gig was intense and I remember by our third set acting trying to keep a smile on my face as my fingers hurt more and more as I played each song on my bass. So I realized that I did a pretty good job of acting because no one except the band members and my parents knew I was in as much pain as I was in.
Looking back on it now I wonder why I even did it but I guess my joy of playing was more important than the pain it sometimes caused me. I guess the same could be said with acting. Sometimes the rejection a person could get is less important to them then just doing what they love.

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