Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Acting Class Object Movement

During the last acting class there were several important things I learned. The first major thing I discovered was that it is extremely difficult to move an object unless you are really able to "see" it. Although it might seem easy to move an invisible box for example there was an extreme amount of difficulty in this task since I was unable to picture the box completely. Specifics such as figuring out what was in the box, what color was the box, what kind of movements the box would make to adjust to holding it. All of these details I will have to be more conscious of in the future.

In conclusion I feel that there is a great amount of concentration that must go into acting in a way that is not only important to the audience viewing the performance but in effect also believable in your own mind. I think that these two main concepts will help me to better experience the process of acting in the future.

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