Thursday, February 7, 2008

sweat the small stuff

Lately in my life I have been hanging out with two different sets of people I mean don't get me wrong it's not like one group doesn't know about the other like i'm carrying on some illicit affair but other than meeting at the bar for a drink the two groups basically are just that two separate groups and this probably makes sense.

I sparked up this friendship with someone a little older than me (lets leave it at that) and by default she introduced me to her friend and her sister and other people in town who are older than me and we're not talking like 40 or 50 years old but they're older. the sister of the friend has two kids and is married and the friend is on her way to moving with her significant other. My other set of friends i have known forever, my age we basically do everything together because we are always around each other

yesterday I hung out with both groups at different points in the day and the difference between how the older group deals with things as opposed to the younger the things that matter to me and my friends my age don't matter to them anymore, it's kind of trivial. my younger group got into an arguement that was so long and stupid (it really was) that it ruined the end of the day. it really made me realize how much growing up i still had left.

thats it really, thats all i had to say something i observed..... yea and i love being the last to post we're cool right Fab? let me know if this cool don't be shisty with the points. do you even read these? hello? give me proof that you read these I have my suspicions

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