Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow days

So I've come to the conclusion that I miss being seven. Those were the good old days especially when we would have snow days. Why don't college student get snow days as much as we used to when we were little. to be honest I could go for a snow day more than when i was younger, but hey they were good days! I remember staying home with my brothers and mom. We would sleep in as late as we could then go and watch cartoons. Then my mom would make a special breakfast for me and my brothers. It would always be amazing especially with all the hot chocolate. Gosh I miss the homemade hot chocolate my mom would make. The next thing we would do would be get all bundled up and go outside and play in the snow till we were close to getting frostbite, then my mom would make us come inside before we could get sick. Finally to pass the rest of the day we would watch movies and play board games until we passed out usually. God I miss days like that we just don't have those kind of days anymore. Do we get to old to enjoy the very simple gifts that we receive everyday, like a simple snow day?

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