Wednesday, January 16, 2008


For my 10 minute preparation of this first blog I decided to go to the Student Center to gather my observations. My first observation was that it was indeed quiet. I was on the second floor by the doors that lead to Amstutz, however, I did not anticipate it to be as quiet as it was. Three individuals walked by. Two women and a male. All three appeared to be in a hurry. The first seemed like she was going to do homework, the second was coming from the rec center, and the third appeared to have just finished some homework. I gathered this from the third individual from the fact that he was clutching the piece of paper that was in his hands. It may only be the third day of class, but I understand where he was coming from. The interesting thing about all three was they all seemed to notice me, but it was very guarded. My final observation was one of the pictures on those walls. So many of us walk through the Student Center without ever paying attention to the pictures. The one I focused on was a 1910 photograph of The Annotators. The Annotators apparently was a club centered around world affairs. I find it interesting to look into the eyes of those college students and wonder what they could have possibly been thinking at that time? I can be fairly certain it was not that their generation and their children's generation would be involved in world wars. They probably were thinking of homework that needed to be done or that the picture was taking too long and they needed to eat dinner. Whatever it is, it makes me think about the meaningless things I focus on throughout the day, and how there is so much I do not know.

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