Wednesday, January 16, 2008

First blog for acting

Today I tried again to "picture" the football game as I had during class. I was able to get a little better and in some ways I think that I showed a little improvement. One major changed I noticed was that the timing of watching the game became a little bit more realistic as I tried to really "see" it instead of just trying to show other people what I was watching. Another thing that I showed some improvement in was in letting go of some of the social tendencies that get in the way of acting such as nerves that in the begging and still today prevent the realistic feeling of acting from taking place and instead create a sort of "haze" that makes it difficult to experience the simplicity of life. I really think this class will have some valuable things to offer even to a political science major. Although I was unable to completely perfect the new style of "seeing" in the future I hope to become better through practice.

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