Wednesday, January 16, 2008

First Post

Hi everyone, this is Amanda B (since there are two of us). I don't know about the rest of you but I feel like we will all be experiencing something very unique together this semester. At this stage I feel a little apprehension on my part because I do not know any of you and I come into this whole experience not really all that confident about anything involving any sort of acting or acting exercises. However in reading the other two posts so far I feel at bit more at ease that some of you feel the same way I do.

Okay so that is enough about. As for the seeing exercise. I think I still need practice with the whole visualizing something going on that is not. I tried again to "see" the football game that my group had tried to see in class and I failed. I think most of it happened because I don't know much about football. It's hard to see it if I don't really know enough about it. So I tried to see something I knew about. So I visualized a person shopping. Amazingly enough I was able to see that. So now I don't feel like a complete failure.

Okay so I have to go to work now so I'll end it here. I'm really looking forward to getting know all of you. I'll see you all tomorrow.

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