Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Observation and First Day

How we all doing? So as far as the first class goes, it really seems like an interesting class. I wasn't expecting a whole lot coming into it, seeing as how I haven't really acted at all, but this looks like something I could have fun doing in school. It will be a nice way to end my senior year here, and escaping from the everyday life of us "boring" accountants.
As for my observations I went to the rec center and sat around for awhile before we hit the weights, haha. But anyways, I noticed that there were a lot of people in there. Now this is probably because its the beginning of the semester, and everyone is trying to catch back up on their routines, or trying a new resolution for the year. I think it's a little of both in my case. But what I noticed from sitting and watching people is that most of them were there with a friend or someone to workout with. Even the people on the track stuck in a group of two or three. I think its just more comfortable for people to be around others that they know, or its the extra push that a friend might give you when you're running or lifting.
See everyone tomorrow...

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