Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hey there! I think this class is going to be pretty sweet and bring a lot of people out of their boxes. I really liked what Polanco said about making us notice the little things. I think that is going to really affect everyone in our daily lives. As for the people watching we were told to do, I watched people in convo. I noticed how a lot of people stand with their arms folded and peek out of the corners of their eyes to see what others are doing and if they're being looked at. When they were ordering their food their arms would drop and they would lean a little more and act more comfortable. Oh and my favorite part of the day was when people would try to walk around with their trays all cute or cool or whatever. There is no way anyone is going to look cool with that horrible tray of food. I don't know if that really applies to anything we talked about but I felt the need to get that little annoyance of mine out there. Have a good day and see you guys tomorrow!

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