Wednesday, January 16, 2008

First Day

Hey, how's it going everyone? Yeah, so the first day was very interesting and unique from most of the classes i have taken. Usually the professor just reads the syllabus and dismisses us or has a short spiel about the class. But we actually got involved in the class from day one - that's pretty sweet. Like I stated in class, i've never been in a play before or even seen a play before, which is one of the reasons i signed up for the class. I thought it would be something different and unique and i've heard good things from my roomate. The class exercise we did really showed me how awkward we all act without a purpose involved. I think one of you commented on how, they saw somebody in Convo sitting by themselves and they looked out of place until their friend showed up. This was pretty interesting to me and something i never paid that much attention to. I had some time to kill between classes today, so i thought i'd just observe people coming in and out of the student center. If they saw someone they knew, they would say hi and move on unless they weren't in a hurry; in which case they stopped to talk. However, the majority of people acted quite strange. Usually looking down or to the side, trying to avoid contact with anybody. Almost saying to themselves that they were in a hurry and couldn't communicate with anybody no matter what. One older lady walked in by the mailroom and looked to her left and right and then left again before heading into the eagles nest. This was all things that i've noticed but never paid attention to the frequency they occur.

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