Monday, January 21, 2008


So for my listening "homework" I chose to listen to things at the Detroit Auto Show today. It was interesting listening to the amount of things going on all at once. The North American International Auto Show contains an assortment of cars from Ferrari's to Chevy's. Going by each manufacturer's displays, many different types of music were playing, like the American made cars (Ford, Chevy, GMC) had pop style music and the "DUB" sections, dedicated to more stylish custom cars had a hip-hop feel to it. The Ferrari's and Mercedes Benz displays had no loud music, but focused more on the cars. And the BMW, Volkswagen, Mini displays had a more Euro/Techno feel to the music.
Along with the music I also heard a variety of accents, and languages, being an "international" show I really expected to see and hear all these different cultures and languages. Standing by the Exotic cars (Ferrari and Bentley) I heard all the different accents including Asian, Latino, European, Canadian, and the American styles. It was interesting to hear the same reactions from all the different languages, and even the barriers don't change the reaction to seeing a $400,000 Car, like gasps and awes.
With the music and languages, I also heard the random horns and doors closing. It got really annoying actually after awhile, because when I got to taking a picture, I usually ended up by another car. So when a little kid hit the horn, I was usually the first to notice being right beside it... Yeah not fun.
But overall, I loved going to the show and seeing and hear all these sights and sounds.

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