Monday, January 21, 2008

Listening Activity

For my listening activity, i decided to just lay around in my dorm room. I started out trying to focus on just listening in convo, but that did not work to well for me because i am so used to talking and such so i couldnt settle down enough to just listen. While laying in my dorm room i could hear so much. First is the tv in the other room where my roommate was watching tv. Then i heard people talking outside as they were walking to or from class, i heard my suitemate in the other room typing away on her computer, i heard a plane fly by, cars passing, and choral. Choral is our ghost that haunts us. With choral i heard tapping on our middle room door. (Kinda weird, but it makes us feel better if we name the mysterious noises!) I could hear doors slamming from floors above and below me. I of course through all of this thought about myself breathing and focused a little bit on what my breathing sounded like! It was cool how all of this could happen at once and most of the time go unnoticed! See you guys!

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