Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I decided that for my listening activity I would just take a moment out from work to listen. So just for a reference point for all you I have worked as a server at Pizza Hut for 3.5 years so one day when I was rolling silverware I just stayed quiet and listened. I was really amazed at all the sounds that I have failed to notice in my long time working there. I could hear the clanking of the silverware that I was rolling, the sounds of cash registers opening and closing, the telephone ringing, ect. Most of that stuff was normal things that I have to notice. However a few things did happen that probably happen everytime I work but I never notice. I never really noticed how much some parents discipline there child. They tried to do it in a hushed voice as to not draw attention to themselves but that ends up making the child scream and the adult get louder and louder. I also noticed how for some tables in the dining room it was almost like a contest to see how loud you can be. As one person laughs loud another person counters and laughs louder. I started listening to the tone of voice from my fellow employees while they talked to customers in person or on the telephone and noticed how some of them seemed annoyed at the prospect of talking to a person. They took the order, said a hasty hello, and quickly retreated to whatever they were doing. For me this was a real eye opening experience. I have worked there for so long but failed to really be in tune to my surroundings. I think I will try and listen more now.

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