Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Eating/Tasting Observation

So, today i observed quite a bit while watching my friend eat as well as other people. I told my friend i would be watching her eat so it was kinda weird at first, but when i started looking around more at other people it became easier to focus. I noticed that especially when trying something new people pick at the food, touch their tongue to the food, smell it, and then eat it. I noticed this about myself as well, i smell almost everything before i put it in my mouth, whether or not i have had something before, and when i am done, i still pick at the food or tend to play with it. If they do not like something they make funny faces which is quite amusing. My friend i was watching did a lot of moving of food around on her plate. She was also eating chicken and shes apparently very picky about chicken and so she would cut up a piece of chicken, look at it, spread it apart, look at it again, then eat a baby bite size of that regular size cut piece of chicken. While closely observing other around me, i noticed that alot of people are always picking at their food or moving it around their plate, for what reason, this i do not know! However, for the most part, what i observed most people were engaged in coversation which slowed down their eating. This was interesting, i always feel bad staring at people lol oh well!

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