Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I loved the listening activity we were supposed to do for the next class. I sat in convo and just kind of listened to what was going on around me. The first thing I heard was the conversation happening at the table next to me, which was quite comical... I felt like quite the creepy eavesdropper. So then I realized that there were many other noises going on around me, but that it is difficult to hear them as individual sounds and not just as a whole. For example, I had to focus on tuning out the conversation I was listening to in order to really hear the other noises: the fan that was blowing above the grill corner or the clanging of metal pans as they were changed at the bar, for example. So when you listen, it seems like you have to change your focus kind of like you do when you see, or you can try to focus on nothing and let it all blur together.

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