Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter with the girlfriend

I went to my girlfriend's family Easter on sunday for lunch and was greeted with open arms. I had met most of the family members before this get together, but only once. The aunt i made friends with at the first get together immediatly started talking to me agian which made me feel more comfortable. I think i stayed either next to my girlfriend or that one particular aunt the entire time. I think it is funny that people will flock toward some form of comfort. If i was not able to be next to either of those two, nine out of ten i was quiet and next to invisible. This reminds me of the way class was at the begining of the semester. People came in and sat next to their friends and talk to their friends only. This has proggresivily evolved into a comfortable level with everyone and i am looking forward to having that comfort with my girlfriends family someday.

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