Monday, January 28, 2008

an insanely annoying breakfast

So, this morning I went to breakfast in convo. I sat by myself at a table beside a table with a guy and a girl. Originally their conversation was quiet and the little bit that I heard involved the discussion of school or something like that. Then, another guy came over and sat with them. I have no idea how they this topic got brought up, but rather quickly they started discussing Victoria's Secret and the models. The guys were insanely loud and the girl was just laughing along with whatever they said. After they said something about someone being hot, the girl would say something like "oh, she is really pretty" or "she's gorgeous." The original guy then proceeded to tell a story of how he went in to a store and tried to buy one of the cardboard cutouts. The other guy thought it was awesome for a split second and proceeded to move on with the conversation. They talked about this crap for 7 minutes (you all know when something is that annoying you know exactly how long you sat there, but it seems longer). The reason I brought this up was because I thought it all sounded really fake. The girl was trying to be the awesome girl who understands and the guys were trying to tell the better story (although to outsiders such as myself they sounded creepy and perverted). They were trying to ACT better than the other and it ended up being obnoxious. I was annoyed. That's all.

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