Monday, January 28, 2008

Actors and Actresses with no training, but who deserve oscars

So I was talking to some of my friend about the weekend and one of my friends started talking about an email that she got. She is a transfer from a different school and came to ashland for the track program. Well this weekend she saw her old team, but unfortunately did not preform well. The next day she recieved an email saying "New team, same results." Believe me if you knew the whole story you would know this was a big insult, but unfortunately I don't have time to tell it all. Any way we were trying to figure out who wrote it and many options came up but the first one that popped into our head was her old coach. The twist on this was that her ex-coach just talked to our coach and had talked about how much better this girl was doing. Knowing this head coach she has always been a back stabber and really good at lying to people and making it extremely believable.
I guess my point is that many people are expert actors, but have never stood on stage or in front of a camera. Just something to think about.

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