Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My first class and "seeing" exercise

Hi everyone!

Today's first class was very interesting! I was alittle nervous coming in because i did not know anyone, but i feel like its going to be a great semester w/ everybody! As for the "seeing" exercise we did, it seemed quite simple at first, but the discussion following all of our exercises or game we watched helped explain alot. I even went back and told my friends about it and how i learned something! It was funny how we were asked to just picture watching a game, yet when we did so, we were going through all of the possible motions while watching this game too fast, and not how it actually would be if we were watching in my case golf. Now that i think of it, i really dont watch golf, but if i have it on, i is to put me to sleep! So i guess now i think i should have just made it look like i was sleeping! (no offense to any golfers!)

Well i look forward to the rest of the semester as i hope do all of you! Good luck in the rest f your classes!

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