Thursday, January 31, 2008

LOST in the Sauce

I purposely held off on posting until today because this is the day that i have been waiting for for awhile now drum role please..........LOST returns tonight and I and super stoked about it like borderline "this guy is a crazy dork" excited about this show. it's a two hour premiere and it is gonna be awesome. I like LOST because of the weird and eerie storyline however its the characters and the island itself that really make the show what it is. I can be hard to make a show work with so many lead characters but the structure of each weeks episode is a true testament to writers. This show exemplifies why we need to end the WGA strike writers are important to us their words allow us to escape it may only be for an hour but that hour you get to be somewhere else for awhile and we can all benefit from that

LOST: Season Premiere ABC 8/7 cntrl thurs JAN 31

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